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GlocalMe G3 Pocket WiFi

GlocalMe G3 pocket Wi-Fi is your convenient connectivity companion. It allows you to access the internet without a SIM card or exuberant data roaming costs on a stable high-speed 4G network in 140+ regions around the world. With strong coverage, The G3 pocket Wi-Fi has a long 15-hour battery life, a DL data roaming speed of 150 Mbps and a UL data roaming speed of 50 Mbps.

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SIM-Free 4G High Speed Network Covered 140+ Countries/Regions
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15 Hours Usage Maximum DL Data Rate Maximum UL Data Rate

Powerful Design

We believe that simple is beautiful, so we've emphasised simplicity in our G3 design. It looks like a mini smartphone with a 4-inch LCD touch screen and weighing in at just 240 grams. We have two sleek colours for the G3 pocket Wi-Fi: black x grey and white x gold.

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Strong Frequency Coverage 4" LCD Touch Screen 240g Weight Extra SIM Slots

140+ Countries and Regions Covered

SIM-free experience for your mobile at anytime, anywhere More in Service Coverage

Battery Life

We understand that a long battery life is critical for the G3 pocket Wi-Fi. With a built-in 5350mAh lithium ion battery,
the G3 pocket Wi-Fi offers 15 hours of continuous usage, so you can rely on it while you're travelling the world.

Reliable Network

As we aim to give the best network service to our users, the G3 pocket Wi-Fi is compatible with CloudSIM, which allows it
to seamlessly switch networks if one becomes unstable. And GlocalMe only works with the more trusted service operators
that provide the best network quality in each covered region.

When abroad, you no longer need to worry or get frustrated about a slow network. You can trust the high-speed 4G
service provided by our partner operators all over the world and powered by our G3 pocket Wi-Fi.

Portable Hotspot Can Be Shared Among 5 Devices

One G3 pocket Wi-Fi can support up to 5 devices, allowing you to share connectivity with your travel companions or across
your phone, tablet, laptop, and more.

Affordable and Contract-Free Secure Private Hotspot
We aim to help our users save costs by offering an
affordable price for the G3 pocket Wi-Fi. To keep
things simple, we don't sign contracts. Instead, we
offer a pay-as-you-go package and a data package
to suit your needs.
The privacy and security of our users is our utmost
concern. Our G3 pocket Wi-Fi has powerful
network security with WPA2 Wi-Fi encryption to
ensure your privacy.

Robust App for Easy Account Management

We aim to keep everything simple and easy for our users. With the
GlocalMe App, you can easily manage your G3 pocket Wi-Fi while abroad,
including topping-up your credit, purchasing data packages, monitoring your
usage, activating your G3 pocket Wi-Fi and more. We also support online
payment through PayPal, UnionPay, WeChat Pay, and Alipay. 

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