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High-speed data up to 10GB every day. Unlimited 3G Network.


Roaming-free mobile internet in More than 150 Countries.  Local telecom providers


Automatically detects and connect to the best 4G local encrypted network.


Long-lasting power guarantee 14 hours+ in a single day, share up to 10 devices at the same time


Free Shipping Domestic

We have warehouses in the US, Germany, Malaysia and China

24_7 在线支持

24/7 Online Support

Contact us at anytime when you meet a problem

30 天退款保证

One Year Warranty

GlocalMe offers a 1-year warranty on any devices sold on our official site


30 days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our product, just contact

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GlocalMe is a mobile data connection solution brand under Nasdaq listed technology company uCloudlink (NASDAQ: UCL) , helping users across the world to access mobile internet data more efficiently with a range of our own hard ware and software products.

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This promotion will be valid from 15th Nov. to 30th Nov.

Within 30 days after dispatch:

1.    Unredeemed voucher codes, unused/unredeemed free gifts, and unused devices must be returned together to get a full refund.

2.    Redeemed voucher code with *unused balance and unused device must be returned together to get a full refund.

3.    Non-refundable for redeemed voucher code with **used balance and/or device.

4.    Non-refundable for special data plans category promotion and 

5.  Non-refundable for  products with a discount of more than 40%

Over 30 days after dispatch:    

1.  Non-refundable for device and/or **used balance.    

2. Unredeemed voucher code can be refunded after deducting the full retail price of the device.    

3. Redeemed voucher code with *unused balance can be refunded after deducting the full retail price of the device.

4. Non-refundable for special data plans category promotion.

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