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Portable Wi-Fi: Carry Your WiFi in Your Pocket

Portable Wi-Fi: Carry Your WiFi in Your Pocket


connectivity is the necessity of the present times. With almost all of the
world on the internet, continuous access to the world wide web is a must.
That’s why when you’re traveling to some foreign country or stuck in a low
network situation, lack of superfast internet access becomes extremely
frustrating. At such times, a
Wifi device
going to be your lifesaver.


handy devices generate an instant
mobile travel hotspot at your location and make it super convenient
to access the internet wherever you want. So, if you are a traveler exploring
some historical ruins, a corporate person working while traveling, or a simple
college student who needs constant internet access, a portable WiFi device is
going to transform your life.


To know
more about using a portable wifi device and how you can get the most reliable
device for yourself, keep reading the article.


What is Portable Wi-Fi?


Portable WiFi is a small device, just like a mini smartphone,
that fits in your hands and works as a transportable WiFi router.  It changes the regular 3G or 4G signals into
a private WiFi connection and generates a WiFi field of around 10 to 15 meters
around it. As a result, the devices around it, like smartphones, laptops,
computers, etc., get stable internet access.


Plus, it
needs no cables or software to operate. All it needs is just you and the
device. Thus, no matter where you are, be it an underground railway station or
any other city than yours, you will be connected to the world.


The Best Portable WiFi for you


When it
comes to the fastest and most feasible portable WiFi, GlocalMe is your one-stop
solution. We bring you the fastest internet anywhere in the world and let you
carry your speedy internet connection in your pocket.


GlocalMe, you can select your
portable internet plan according to your wishes and get instant
internet connectivity on several devices like laptops, tablets, or smartphones
all at once. And the best part is – our devices offer you coverage in more than
150 countries around the world!


Here are
our top devices that offer you fast
mobile travel hotspots:


  1. GlocalMe U3 U3 is a smart amalgamation of all the features you look for in a portable WiFi device.


It doesn’t use any sim, is fully roaming free, and provides internet
worldwide with the highest 4G LTE connectivity.



  1. DuoTurboIf performance and speed are your requirements, then GlocalMe DuoTurbo is designed just for you.


It arrives with two modems, one in operation while the other acts as a
back-up. This feature and provides you with the fastest internet in every
corner of the world. It also sports a nano-sim card slot, a smart touchscreen
display, and 3500mAh battery life.


With its dual modem, it lets you enjoy the internet with one modem and
keeps the other one at the backup. As a result, you get the most stable
internet connection among all the hotspot devices in the market.


  1. G4 PROThis smart WiFi device supports fast 4G
    LTE connectivity and creates a travel
    mobile hotspot for accessing the internet in more than 150 countries
    worldwide. Plus, it doesn’t need any sim and lets you connect to
    the internet on 10 devices at once.


Another excellent feature of the device is its whopping 18 hours of
battery life.


Lastly, it is available in two color variants, i.e., black and white.



  1. TriForceThe GlocalMe TriForce is a robust device
    that can end your traveling internet needs forever.  It is free of sim and any extra roaming
    charges and connects you with the world in any remote location.


TriForce is not only a powerful Wifi device but also a solid power bank
that allows you to charge up to three devices with a whopping 7,000 mAh battery


The best part about the TriForce is that it is built to last longer
than the rest. It has a long battery life, a hard casing, and an anti-slip
drop-resistant design that makes it perfect for travelers, hikers, or other
active users.



  1. FirstGIf you are looking for an inexpensive portable  wifi and a shift from the regular black and white design, FirstG is your


This wifi device comes in two beautiful color variants, i.e., green
and red, and offers high-speed internet access to you. Just insert your sim in
its slot and connect with the world.


On top of that, it offers 14 hours of battery life and allows you to
connect 8 devices simultaneously.


Lastly, we
also offer you a
Wifi rental facility, where you can carry a GlocalMe WiFi hotspot device and
return it after you come back from your trip.


Do you need a sim card?


Our range
of handy portable WiFi devices can either operate using a sim card or on
GlocalMe’s patented cloudSIM technology making it sim-free! It automatically
converts the strongest mobile signal available in the area into your private
WiFi network. So, wherever you go, you carry your own superfast Wifi.


Do you need to pay monthly for the service?


No. We are
a “Pay as you go” or “No Contract” service and operate only on your data usage.


You can go
to the website and select your
data plan according to your area or the country you’re traveling in. We offer
everything from unlimited day plans in specific locations to 365-day global
data plans. We’ve got something for everyone!


Where can you get your portable wifi


our website, get the most suitable device for you and select your favorite
data plan that fits your requirement. That’s it! The
moment you get the device and your desired data plan, your fast, portable WiFi
connection will be active.


With the
portable device, you also get the support of the smart GlocalMe mobile app. It
monitors all your data usage and allows you to control your extra data usage.




So, be it
your regular work-from-home routine or work-plus-vacation (workation) in some
remote natural escape, a GlocalMe
WiFi hotspot
connects you with the world.


With our
powerful battery backup and pay-as-you-go payment options, you can enjoy the
internet according to your needs in every place you visit.



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