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Unlimited Data Plan or High-Speed Data Plan? Which one is best for me?

Unlimited data plans vs. High-Speed data plans? If you are confused about which one suits you the most, you’re not the only one.

A few years back, the internet-on-the-go was almost a luxury, but after the emergence of portable WiFi devices, it has become fairly easy to get online from wherever you are in the world. With these handy devices, people who work remotely or have to travel for their business ventures can stay connected with the internet throughout their journey.

However, when you first start traveling with a portable WiFi device, the primary question that comes to mind is what data plan is the best for

the journey. There are lists of data plans available in the market, and you might find it puzzling to select the one that meets your needs.

In this article, we will end your dilemma after discussing the benefits of both types of data plans and decide which one is the best for you.

Difference Between the Plans

First of all, let’s discuss the basic difference between high-speed internet vs. an unlimited data plan.

When you opt for high-speed internet plans, you get limited superfast data for a limited time period. For instance, you get 30 GB of monthly data that you can utilize for high-speed internet requirements such as video conferencing, lectures, meetings, etc.

However, once you fully consume your daily limit, your internet would stop working immediately. To continue using the internet or resume 
your services, you would be asked to make another recharge.

On the other hand, when you go for unlimited data plans, you get a certain limit of high-speed data along with unlimited low-speed data. So, for example, you get 1 GB of high-speed data, and after you consume that, your speed will be reduced to a certain point, but you will still be able to use the internet.


In these types of data plans, you can still be connected with the internet for basic actions like checking emails, surfing the internet, or

sending Whatsapp texts.

How to Select the Right Plan?

Both the data plans have their pros and cons. But the best way to decide the most suitable one is by calculating your requirements.

Portable internet is an incredible tool for travelers to stay online during their trip. If you are a corporate person, a student, a teacher,

or just a digital nomad, you can set your data plan according to your requirements in the journey.

For instance, if you are a student or researcher who needs to travel and attend online seminars simultaneously, a high-speed plan will be mandatory. Similarly, if you are a traveler and need to work from a remote area that doesn’t demand superfast internet but constant updates like emails or Instagram DMs, an unlimited plan will work for you.

Once you have figured out your priorities and requirements, you can easily find the right plan for you in no time. And do you know what the best possible trick to utilizing your data plans is? Combine the two!

Yes, if you need high-speed as well as unlimited internet, you can use both of the packs with an alternate method. For example, you can use the unlimited plan first, and once your daily high-speed limit gets exhausted, switch to the high speed one to continue using the internet services at high speed. This way, you will use highspeed data throughout the day.

 The Plans

GlocalMe offers you high-speed data plans for your data needs. You can pay only for the data you use or pay by the month/day. Nevertheless, here are the two basic data plans for you –

1. High-Speed Data Plan – In this plan, you get high-speed network coverage when a 4G LTE mobile network is available. If you require the fastest internet connections while traveling, it can offer you superfast connectivity for online meetings, video streams, or gaming.

With the $36.00 plan, you get 10 GB super fast internet with 30 days validity.

Similarly, the $380.00 plan offers you 100 GB of high-speed Internet for 365 days or one year.

2. Unlimited Data Plan – If you prefer consistent data and can manage your work at a threshold speed, these unlimited data plans will suit you the best. These affordable plans let you enjoy unlimited data with a limited high-speed threshold. Once you consume your high-speed data for the day, your speed will be reduced to 256kbps, but you will be able to enjoy unlimited data.

GlocalMe unlimited plans are classified into two versions –

a. Essentials plan costs $88.00/month and provides you 25 GB of high-speed internet.

b. The second one is an Advanced plan with 50 GB superfast data and a price of $99.00/month.


Why Should You Choose GlocalMe for Your Portable Wifi data?

GlocalMe is focused on providing high-speed internet acce

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