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KOL Recruitment

The recruitment program is aim to give KOL/KOCs a direct way to test out the lastest GlocalMe product and leave the feedback for us to imporve the product.

Meanwhile the recruitment program will be given KOL/KOC his/her own special sharing link for social platform as well as special coupon and commission.

Recruitment Program Rules


  1. KOL whoever reaches the 50K distribution sales will be rewarded a 7-Day China Tour (including hotle expenditure and etc.)
  2. All KOLs will get reward of commission about 20% of the sales
  3. Accpted KOLs will be given an G4 Pro and a related data package


  1. Single social media follower count of at least 10k (TikTok needs at least 50k )
  2. 1 short video of at least 30 seconds needs to be created, videos need to contain the GlocalMe product and servics
  3. Short video needed to be shared on your social media platform

About GlocalMe!

GlocalMe is a mobile data connection solution brand under Nasdaq-listed technology company uCloudlink (NASDAQ: UCL), helping users across the world to access mobile internet data more efficiently with a range of our own hardware and software products. We strive for enabling the best user experience on various increased-intensity online services requiring a stable and high-speed data connection. Our innovative technology will allow domestic users and international visitors free from shopping for local SIM cards or the high expenses of roaming data in over 150 countries in the world.

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During my recent tour of Europe, the prowess of this Global WIFI Device was felt deeply. Be it by the romantic Seine riverbank in Paris, the ancient Colosseum in Rome, or in the bustling heart of London, the device kept me connected consistently. This meant I no longer had to frequently purchase local SIM cards or worry about hefty roaming charges while abroad. The device is compact and easy to carry, with battery life that lasts almost an entire day. Its user-friendly design ensures even a novice can get started quickly. In summary, this is an excellent solution to network issues during international travel.

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The Global WIFI Device accompanied me through cities worldwide. In a night market in Bangkok, it allowed me to instantly share shopping delights with my family; in Central Park, New York, I conducted an urgent video conference, all thanks to it. The displayed data usage keeps me informed about remaining bandwidth, preventing unexpected excesses. With the device's support, I no longer need to pay additional charges for hotel WIFI services. Considering its convenience and value for money, I believe it's an indispensable tool for every traveler.

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On a month-long globe-trotting journey, this Global WIFI Device became my most trusted companion. From business hubs in Tokyo to African savannas, I was always online, posting updates, looking up routes, and even managing urgent work tasks. Its extensive coverage made borders virtually non-existent for me. Moreover, its data management capabilities ensured I controlled my consumption efficiently. Its stability and speed also earned my commendation. As a frequent traveler, it has become an integral part of my journeys.

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Navigating the vibrant streets of Rio and the serene landscapes of New Zealand, this Global WIFI Device was my constant companion. It's one thing to connect in urban environments, but when the device provided me with uninterrupted service atop a remote mountain peak, I was genuinely astonished. The battery longevity outdid itself during my extended excursions, erasing the anxiety of finding a power source. The device’s sleek design slides effortlessly into pockets, making it the perfect travel buddy. For those with an insatiable wanderlust, this device bridges the connectivity gap seamlessly.

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As a digital nomad, my work demands connectivity irrespective of geography. With the Global WIFI Device, places like the beaches of Bali and cafes in Prague became my workplace. The rapid connectivity ensured smooth video calls, even in densely populated areas. The interface, intuitive and straightforward, allowed me to monitor and manage my data usage, a lifesaver for someone on a budget. Given its performance in diverse conditions, it's evident that this isn't just a device; it's a modern-day travel necessity.

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Embarking on a cross-continental train journey, I was skeptical about staying connected. Enter the Global WIFI Device. From bustling cities to quiet countryside stops, my connection remained steadfast. It quickly became more than a device; it was my window to the world, keeping me informed, entertained, and in touch. I particularly valued its robust build quality, ensuring it could handle the occasional rough handling. For those pondering a purchase, consider this - it's the difference between intermittent connections and unbroken digital freedom.


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