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120GB 30-day North America Data Package

Data Plan will be sent as a voucher code to your email. This data package will be valid for 30 x 24 hours after activation and covers USA&Canada&Mexico. After 120GB high speed allowance is used, data speeds are slowed to a maximun of 512kbs.

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You will need a GlocalMe WiFi hotspot to use the data plan. Not having one? Buy Now

Tips: 1. Voucher code for the data plan will be sent via email within 24 hours. 2.  Please redeem the voucher code on GlocalMe App within 365 days. How to Redeem Your Data Plan? 1. Download GlocalMe App; 2. Go to “Profile”, click “Balance”; 3. Click “voucher code”; 4. Input the voucher code and click “submit”; 5. The data package will appear in “packages” in your account.
1. Activate Method: This data package will be automatically activated once you start the device at the usable destination. You are reminded to make sure the destination arrival day should be within 90 days after redeemed, otherwise, it will expire with no refund.
2. Validity: This month’s pass will be valid for N consecutive month(s) since you activate it (N = the number of months you ordered). For example, if you order a 1-Month Pass and activate it on the 10th of this month, then it will be valid until 23:59 on the 9th of next month. This Month Pass uses New York, United States time in GMT-5 time zone, and do not affect by daylight saving time. 3. Priority: This data package has a higher priority than the high-speed data package. If you are now using a high-speed data package, it will automatically switch to this data package after your order. The usage priority will be based on the purchase date for the same type of package, i.e., the package with the earliest purchase date will be used up first, while the priority of the single-region package is higher than the regional package. In addition, you can also manually adjust the priority in the mobile APP. 4. FUP Restriction: The unlimited data service is affected by the Fair Usage Policy of service operators, the maximum data speed will restrict to 512kbps once you have reached the FUP threshold. You can order a new data plan for a high-speed data connection, or wait for the release of the FUP restriction. 5. Cancellation: The unactivated package can be fully refunded to your account balance within 90 days. However, all vouchers and promotion coupons are not refundable.

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Coverage of your own 5G SIM:  America: United States, Canada Asia: Kazakhstan,Malaysia,Japan,Sri Lanka,Thailand,Indonesia,United Arab mirates, Oman,Macao,Pakistan,Bahrain,Philippine,Cambodia,Qatar,Kuwait,Laos,Maldives, Mongolia,Bangladesh,Myanmar,Nepal,Saudi Arabia,Tajikistan,Taiwan,Turkey,Brunei, Hongkong,Singapore,Israel,India,Jordan,Vietnam,China Oceania:Australia,New Zealand,Fiji,French Polynesia Africa:Morocco,Tunisia,Nigeria,Mauritius,Algeria,Angola,Ghana,Kenya,South Africa, Tanzania,Zambia,Egypt,Reunion Island,Seychelles,Madagascar Europe:Aland Islands,Albania,Andorra,Austria,Belarus,Belgium,Bulgaria,Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,Georgia,Germany,Gibraltar,Greece,Greenland,Guernsey, Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Isle of Man,Italy,Jersey,Kosovo,Latvia,Liechtenstein,Lithuania, Luxembourg,Macedonia,Malta,Moldova, Monaco,Montenegro,Netherlands,Norway, Poland,Portugal,Romania,Serbia,Slovakia,Slovenia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland, Turkey,UK Coverage of GlocalMe 5G CloudSIM:United States, Canada, Mainland China, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong(China), Taiwan(China), United Arab Emirates, Mexico This list is updating. We will offer 5G data plans in more countries.

4G band for Numen Air:

LTE-FDD Band:1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 8 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 17/ 18 / 19 / 20 / 25 / 26 / 28 / 30 / 66 / 71

LTE-TDD Band:34 / 38 / 39 / 40 / 41

Please check 4G band in your country if you would like to use 4G internet with Numen Air. 

5G NR for Numen Air: Bands n1 / n2 / n3 / n5 / n7 / n8 / n12 / n20 / n25 / n28 / n30 / n38 / n40 / n41 / n66 / n71 / n77 / n78 / n79

Please note South Korea does not support our 5G device.

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