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Father’s Day Gift Guide – GlocalMe Featured in Stephs Cheers and Jeer Blog!

Keep Dad Connected and Productive While Out and About


With the flexibility of working from anywhere, Dad can take his office (and life) to the near game, lake or mountain. But how can he solve for the fact that his fast speed internet is connected to his four walls?  


GlocalMe Wireless WIFI Hotspot is The Perfect Gadge for ALL YEAR AROUND!


Any of our wireless internet hotspot is the perfect gift to let dad break free from cables (and walls) and stay connected at home or on the go without seeking an additional unsecure Wi-Fi network. That way, he never has to be without internet while at the park, lake house or wood cabin – and still be productive while spending quality time outdoor or with family. The device works domestically and internationally and have flexible pay-as-yougo data plans so no matter where he works or goes, he will always be connected to life. 


Check out this Father’s Day Featured Stephs Cheers and Jeers blog to learn why GlocalMe is the perfect gifts for dads.



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