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GlocalMe® unveils world’s first 5G Mobile Wi-Fi device at MWC2021

At the forefront of 5G technology, GlocalMe is reshaping and redefining the mobile data connectivity space, eliminating the need to switch SIM cards or pay exorbitant roaming fees

The Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona, was virtually ignited today when GlocalMe unveiled its new HyperConn™ technology enabled devices. A leader in its class, HyperConn™ is GlocalMe’s most advanced technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically tap into the most effective network, providing the best connection based on your location, internet usage and performance of all available broadband networks. Importantly, connection will not drop while you are using it, a frustration experienced by many.


In addition to its groundbreaking new technology, we announced the release of Numen, the world’s first HyperConn™ enabled 5G mobile Wi-Fi device, and Genie, a 4G device to connect Personal Access Devices (PAD) also powered by HyperConn™.

Speaking at the virtual congress, Director and CEO, Chaohui Chen, expressed his pride and excitement at the company’s accomplishments.

According to Mr. Chen, having an internet connection today is not only about the speed. 

“Technology is advancing at an unstoppable pace, and we need to stay ahead of the curve. The pandemic has led to increased connectedness with a growing segment of digital nomads. People are working, studying, travelling, and socializing online, on the go and across borders. They need an internet connection that is reliable, uninterrupted, and seamless, all the time wherever they are.” said Mr. Chen.

Connected consumers are demanding today, whether indoors or outdoors internet dead zones are unacceptable.

Mr. Chen adds that expectations are high when everyone is talking about 5G. “One of the problems is that most cities globally are not 5G ready. Therefore, trying to cover every dead spot is a huge challenge. But not offering a 5G service is no longer an option, given the rivalry and how the market will shift in the coming years. We need to stay ahead of the competition.”

What sets GlocalMe® Numen and GlocalMe® Genie apart

Numen is the world’s first HyperConn™ enabled 5G mobile Wi-Fi device that can connect to all available signals, including fixed broadband Wi-Fi, as well as 4G and 5G mobile broadband. Using AI, it constantly monitors the connection for performance. Should it detect a weak or congested signal, GlocalMe® Numen will automatically switch to another available, better mobile Wi-Fi signal to deliver the best connection at that given time.

Numen is ideal to connect on the road, or at home. It is perfect for families, placing the power in parents’ hands with the inbuilt parental control to block unwanted web content, limit screen time, and enable remote device locking.

It is every traveler’s must-have companion allowing them to make use of 5G networks on the go minus contracts, roaming charges, or multiple SIM cards.

President of Marketing and Sales, and Chief Sales Officer, Victor Xu, said the device was versatile and powerful. “Assuring seamless connectivity for all users: students can no longer blame poor connection for missing online lessons, content creators won’t suffer from latency and interference when live streaming, and employees can enjoy stress-free online meetings with multiple networks at their fingertips.”

The first edition of Numen with some of the mentioned education features will be available in Europe and Asia from July 15, 2021. Future release dates will be announced following the initial launch.

GlocalMe® Genie, fitted with similar features to Numen, will be released later this year, in Q4.

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