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GlocalMe® unveils world’s first 5G Mobile Wi-Fi device at MWC2021

At the forefront of 5G technology, GlocalMe is reshaping and redefining the mobile data connectivity space, eliminating the need to switch SIM cards or pay exorbitant roaming feesThe Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona, was virtually ignited today when GlocalMe unveiled its new HyperConn™ technology enabled devices. A leader in its class, HyperConn™ is GlocalMe’s most advanced technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically tap into the most effective network, providing the best connection based on your location, internet usage and performance of all available broadband networks. Importantly, connection will not drop while you are using it, a frustration experienced by many.In addition to its groundbreaking new technology, we an

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Father’s Day Gift Guide – GlocalMe Featured in Stephs Cheers and Jeer Blog!

Keep Dad Connected and Productive While Out and About With the flexibility of working from anywhere, Dad can take his office (and life) to the near game, lake or mountain. But how can he solve for the fact that his fast speed internet is connected to his four walls?   GlocalMe Wireless WIFI Hotspot is The Perfect Gadge for ALL YEAR AROUND! Any of our wireless internet hotspot is the perfect gift to let dad break free from cables (and walls) and stay connected at home or on the go without seeking an additional unsecure Wi-Fi network. That way, he never has to be without internet while at the park, lake house or wood cabin – and still be productive while spending quality time outdoor or with family. The device works domestically and internati

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GlocalMe® Powers Remote Teams at Running Remote Conference 2021

With more businesses working remotelyacross the globe, GlocalMe®is enabling teams to get through remote work challenges at this year’s Running Remote Conference 2021. Taking place on May 21st, GlocalMe® will be the Official Global Portable Wi-Fi Sponsor of the event, lead a panel discussion, and exhibit its next-generation mobile products and services at its virtual booth. GlocalMe®’s management team will be participating in the panel session “The Role of The Hybrid Office for Connection and Cohesion” at 15:20 EDT alongside professionals from Pixar Animation Studios, McAfee, Digital Workplace Group and Okta.During the hour-long discussion, panelists will explore how a mixture of remote and in-person collaboration can drive a more inclusive and thriving associate community f

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Micki Kosman from The Barefoot Nomad Reviews GlocalMe WIFI Hotspots

Micki Kosman from The Barefoot Nomad Reviews GlocalMe WIFI HotspotsHave you tried our portable WiFi hotspots yet? If not, check out this candid review from Micki Kosman, editor of The Barefoot Nomad, where he explains all the ins and outs of using our mobile WIFI device while out and about.  Micki and Charles first left home on a year-long trip back in 2003 and have been hooked on travel ever since. Today, they share the joy of travel with their children and love to help people get out and see this great big old world for themselves. Yes, you can even do it with kids! They’ve been to many countries around the globe (40+ together at last count) including Southern Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. They are home base in K

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’ s Day Gift GuideStaying Connected With Mom While Apart! It’s important to stay close to mom all year around, but if you live far away from each other and the internet unexpectedly goes out, she can’t stay connected with what’s most important to her, YOU! The perfect gift to stay connected with mom this year and bridge the distance gap is GlocalMe’s wireless internet hotspot. It’s is the perfect small Mother’s Day gift to let her stay connected at home or on the go without seeking an additional unsecure Wi-Fi network. That way, she never has to be without internet while at the park, beach house or wood cabin and miss those special moments with you and family. GlocalMe WiFi Hotspot works domestically and internationally and have flexible pay-as-you

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