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How the HyperConn™ Solution Meets the Need of the Market as Travel Restrictions Relax

Whether it is for remote learning or working remotely, strong and reliable connectivity is a must, especially now that the new normal is opening doors for traveling once again. HyperConn™, the latest product from uCloudlink that was launched last June 30, 2021, is fast becoming the solution of choice as it effectively provides connectivity to users who are mobile most of the time. Not only is it meeting a pressing need, but it is also revolutionizing mobile connectivity in general.



HyperConn™ is considered a remarkable advancement from the company CloudSIM technology that is uniquely designed to be a universal solution that utilizes 10 of its over 100 pending and approved patents technology to provide users with the best and fastest network connection. If anything, it has elevated the experience of its users by leaps and bounds by offering exceptional signal strength, interference, networking, routing, distance to server location, and a distinct way of using the internet. With a network of more than 200 service providers in more than 150 countries and regions across the globe, HyperConn™ is more than able to give mobile users flexible and easy ultra-high-speed internet connectivity.

“HyperConn™ is a groundbreaking technological advancement that is the result of years of a collective effort from our hundred-strong R&D team. Imagine a car being able to freely make use of all the lanes available on a highway without needing to stop for tolls and other barricades. This level of flexibility and freedom is what we offer with HyperConn™. We believe that our forward-thinking solution will help the world prepare for whatever may come our way in the future and move us one step closer to sharing without limitations,” Chaohui Chen, Director and CEO of uCloudlink, explained.



uCloudlink achieved a phenomenal feat with HyperConn™ as it is the world’s first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace that is actively redefining the telecommunications industry through the sharing economy business model. It has successfully opened new doors of opportunity not just among mobile users but also mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), and handset and smart hardware companies.


Mostly, it is the mobile users who are benefiting greatly from HyperConn™, whether they are using it for work, their business, or remote classes. Users are guaranteed with reliable internet connection as they tap into the strength of multiple internet connections encompassing 4G, 5G, and WiFi signals. It has made life a lot easier by providing opportunities for flexibility, maximum mobility, and high efficiency.


Alongside the success of HyperConn™ was also the successful launching of the GlocalMe® Numen, the very first HyperConn™-enabled 5G mobile WiFi device. It was launched together with the GlocalMe® Genie, a 4G pad device that is powered by HyperConn™. Today, Numen is the most powerful and reliable solution to the remote learning challenges of millions of students worldwide. Internet-reliant workers and industries no longer have to worry about weak connectivity during important meetings and conferences. Numen helps them get the job done with zero trouble.


With a unique ability to connect to all available signals, including fixed broadband WiFi, 4G, and 5G, users can remain confident that they will constantly remain connected even while traveling. Thanks to uCloudlink, life is going to be a lot easier for many mobile users today and in the future.


Find out more about uCloudlink by visiting its website. For more information on GlocalMe, check out its website.


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