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HyperConn™ Redefining Internet Experience and Speed for Users Globally

In the world today, having a stable internet connection solves the concerns of not only the youths but also adults who are inclined to do most things over the internet, from online classes to specific business and work tasks. uCloudlink is one of the best and high-rated data traffic-sharing marketplaces that offers steady uninterrupted internet connections.

One of their newest inventions, HyperConn, was launched in June 2021 by the Director and CEO, Chaohui Chen and Victor Xu, the Chief Sale Officer and President of Marketing and Sales. HyperConn is a 5G-enabled mobile WiFi device that ensures high-speed internet connections regardless of the location or environment of the users. In addition, HyperConn leverages AI, which helps it discover the most effective and efficient network coverage based on the location of the user and helps to prevent lagging regardless of the app(s) running or the number of users.

The technology allows versatility and ensures its users are not entirely focusing on a single mobile connectivity operator but numerous connections over 4G, 5G, and WiFi signals. HyperConn also offers high-performance, secure, flexible, and cost-effective wireless solutions. Moreover, with HyperConn, there is less worry over abrupt disconnection of internet connections based on change of location or environmental conditions of its users.

In August 2021, uCloudlink partnered with AIR-U by equipping the new ATab-1 with HyperConn and CloudSIM technology. This allows ATab-1 users to connect to the best high-speed broadband network connections in Japan and several other countries and regions overseas. “We are excited with this partnership with AIR-U that enables the launch of the first HyperConn enabled tablet in Japan. As a result, the ATab-1 will be able to connect easily to the most efficient network every time, with a stable and reliable internet connection regardless of whether the user is on the road, at home, in the office or at the school.

As an advancement of uCloudlink’s CloudSIM, HyperConn is a universal solution that uses 10 out of the 100+ patented technology of the company, such as S055, S059, and S126, just to ensure it provides the best and most effective internet connection. Signal strength, speed, routing, safety, reliability, networking, interference, and distance to the location of the server are the significant factors that enable HyperConn to deliver a rare internet experience to users despite having or using similar networks.

HyperConn offers seamless and high-speed internet connections to homes, offices, and schools via a network with more than 200 service providers within over 150 regions/countries. HyperConn is a technological advancement resulting from the dedication and relentless efforts of the Research and Development team of uCloudlink. The amount of flexibility and freedom offered is worth emphasizing on. “It is believed that the company’s forward-thinking solutions will enable us to prepare the world for anything and everything and also take us a step closer to unlimited sharing and knowledge acquisition,” said Chen.Learn more about HyperConn on the company’s social media handles: InstagramLinkedinTwitterFacebook and YouTube.


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